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A Big Guy with a Big Heart and a Big Voice

Spiritual Beginnings

Raised in an Episcopalian family, Dave was always active in his church. He learned the importance of ceremony, community, and family. As Dave studied science and read from humanist authors, particularly Robert A. Heinlein, Dave lost his faith in a supreme being. But he maintained his strong ethical standards and his desire to contribute to society.  Beginning a career of service, Dave joined the Army and served with honor for 3 years as a medic.  He went on to work for the University of Washington as a Telecommunications Analyst, and finally founded Americans Adopting Orphans in 1994. With his wife and co-founder Cindy, they created an agency dedicated to helping orphaned and abandoned children find families.  For those who could not be adopted they donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and tons of supplies and equipment to orphanages. Dave and Cindy have retired from working in adoption and have now established The Humanist Assembly of Washington State.

Discovering Humanism
Dave Ptasnik became a Humanist before he even heard the term. As an adoptee and an adoptive parent, Dave has always been dedicated to establishing and maintaining strong family ties. As a parent Dave wanted to instill strong personal values and ethical behavior in his children.  Thus began his formal discovery and exploration of the Humanist movement. Humanism is a belief that we live in a logical and scientific universe and that there is no evidence of supernatural beings. That we must rely on ourselves and each other for strength, wisdom, and support.  Humanism teaches that kindness, generosity, and responsibility can be learned and developed by us and our children.


The Church of Spiritual Humanism

Pastor Dave was ordained into the Church of Spiritual Humanism (CoSH) in 2004.  CoSH is primarily an online church that believes in logic and the scientific method, but also recognizes the power of ritual and ceremony and the need for humans to care for and nurture each other.  The church focuses on promoting humanist ideals and principles through the internet, and ordaining clergy to perform secular weddings and other ceremonies.  Pastor Dave has been active in CoSH by contributing to the writing of a complete liturgy for the church, and becoming an administrator of an internet forum for fellow CoSH officiants.


The Humanist Assembly of Washington State

Building on a foundation of Humanist beliefs and Pastor Dave’s personal experiences with the value of membership in a congregational of like thinkers, Pastor Dave and his wife Cindy have established the The Humanist Assembly of Washington State (THAoWA).  Just in its formative stages, the THAoWA is currently providing Wedding Officiant and other services through Pastor Dave.  

Our goal is to create a traditional church with regular services, adult and child education in Humanist thought and ethical behavior, practical and emotional support for members of the congregation, and to do good works in the community.  All without the supernatural or superstitious beliefs systems found in most other churches.  Pastor Dave accepts no fees personally for performing weddings and other ceremonies, all of his fees are donated to the CHC, a non-profit corporation.

Humanist Celebrations and Services
Pastor Dave brings a lifetime of public speaking, persuasion, and even some theater experience to your special event.  Whether you want an event that is joyful, solemn, spiritual, reverent, or just plain fun, Pastor Dave is ready to work with you to make the day be exactly what you want.  Outdoor ceremonies, even without amplification, turn out perfectly.  Even the back row will hear every word of the vows or service with clarity.  Small, intimate settings are treated with delicacy, but also with passion and sincerity.  Because Pastor Dave is a big guy, his presence adds to the stability and completeness of the event. This is your day.  It is Pastor Dave’s job to provide you with the mood, the tone and the words that you want, without the references to a God or supernatural forces that are not a part of your life and beliefs.


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