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Your ceremony is the complete wedding from the I Do's, to the vows, to that first kiss.  Your vows are the commitments and promises you make to each other.  Both the broader ceremony and your vows should represent who you are as individuals and a couple.  Whether you want traditional vows in a formal ceremony or something more modern, casual and fun, it is your day and your choice.  Here are some tools to help you create the ceremony of your dreams.
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Tie the Knot or Tie the Knot and Pick Your Spot Only

Four Simple Ceremonies and the No Vows Option

For couples who prefer a simple wedding with minimal planning we offer Four Simple Ceremonies.  You may choose them and use them unedited for a quick and thrifty wedding.

Custom Ceremony and Planning Meeting

This is your day and you should have it the way you want it.  With as much assistance from Pastor Dave as you like you can have the unique ceremony of your dreams.  If you choose the "Custom Ceremony and Planning Meeting" option ($100) then you may use these tools.

At the Planning Meeting (or through email and phone conversations, your choice) we will design your ceremony.  Taking parts that you like from different examples and additions that I provide or from any other source.  We will also talk about the logistics of your event.  Who enters first and where they will stand, how the rings/gifts will be presented, and generally what happens when.  You will feel more secure that your special day will be your perfect day. 

Assorted Ceremonies

Find the ceremony or pieces of ceremonies that say what you feel about each other.  Take the Officiant's Address from Ceremony A with the Vows from the Gender Neutral ceremony on the Four Simple Ceremonies page, and Ring Exchange from Ceremony N and you are on your way.  You can do this on your own or consulting with Pastor Dave during your in person or Skype planning meeting, or by phone any time.  He will go through your ceremony with you, letting you hear what your choices will sound like, and give suggestions based on his experience with other couples and decades of public speaking.  Whether you want Traditional, Modern, Spiritual, or New Age, here are the tools you need.

Ceremony Creation Guide

Not sure what happens when in a wedding ceremony?  How long should your ceremony last?  Here is a Ceremony Creation Guide that helps you put the pieces you choose in the order you want.  Washington State only requires that each person says they want to marry the other, and your officiant say that you are married (in front of two witnesses).  Everything else is completely optional and up to you.  Want to have the ring exchange first or skip it all together?  It is all up to you.


Great authors and poets are recognized because they can move you and reveal deep feelings with simple words.  Including a reading in your ceremony can add a touch of grace or fun.  While you are not limited to these selections they do provide a wide range is styles and messages.  Please note, if you are a non-religious couple but would like to include a secular reading from a religious source, often for the comfort of friends and relatives, you will find several here.

Personal Vows

Vows are the heart of most ceremonies.  They are a statement of your feelings for your partner, and the promises you pledge to them.  While most of the example ceremonies you will find here have wonderful vows, including the traditional "For Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer, in Sickness or in Health", you may wish to speak directly to each other from your heart.  Whether you want to tell your partner why you love them, how your love came to be, or what you believe the future will hold, you may want to write your own.  Here is a place where you can get started.

Special Additions

Sometimes word just aren't enough. Couples can be endlessly inventive in demonstrating their love to each other. We have provided some ideas for non-traditional suggestions to enhance and expand your ceremony.  Handfasting, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles and more can be easily made a part of your ceremony.

Personalized Ceremony

Make your story a part of the ceremony.  Your family and friends want to know what makes your relationship special.  Pastor Dave has a real gift listening to you tell your story, hearing why you are unique, and communicating that to your family and friends.  This optional service ($100) can be used with the Four Simple Ceremonies or with a Custom Ceremony.  You will find written and video examples if you click on the gold button.

Full Rehearsal

This optional service ($100) gives you peace of mind.  Whether you have a wedding planner to run your rehearsal, or want Pastor Dave to provide you with suggestions, information and choices, a rehearsal is a must for larger wedding parties.  Whether you choose this option or not, you may find this guide will help you decide if you want or need a rehearsal and what to expect during your rehearsal.


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