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Pastor Dave

(425) 954-KNOT (5668)

* Travel

Travel fees are charged for travel over 60 minutes round trip, as estimated by Google Maps.  The starting point is the mailing address for "Tie the Knot with Pastor Dave"

12345 Lake City Way NE


Seattle, WA, 98125  http://tinyurl.com/2f587yo

All travel time is rounded down to the nearest quarter hour.
The travel rate for Pastor Dave is $40 per hour.
The travel rate for Cindy (Cindy’s Simple Snapshots) or a Witness for Your Wedding is $20 per hour.  

You will be responsible for any parking fees, tolls, ferry charges, etc.

Here is an example.  Google Maps estimates that a trip from Pastor Dave’s mailing address to Snoqualmie Falls is 49 minutes each way.  That is 98 minutes for the round trip, rounded down to 90 minutes.  The fee for Pastor Dave’s travel is $60  ($40 x 1.5 hours).  The fee for a Witness or Cindy is $30 each, or $60 for both.  If options from all three are used, your total travel charge would be $120.

Still not sure how the travel charges work? Just call, we will help you figure it out.

Tie The Knot
Tie The Knot and Pick Your Spot
Full Rehearsal
Custom Ceremony and Planning Meeting
Cindy's Simple Snapshots
Hall Rental
Flower Pickup Service

Amplification and Music

Internet Streaming


Add as many of each as you need to total the desired amount.

Personalized Ceremony

Payment of Fees

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your day and time.  The balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding.  Checks should be made to The Humanist Assembly of Washington State (THAoWA).  Paypal and credit card payments can be made through the buttons above or may be sent by Paypal to THA@humanistassembly.org.  All fees are paid to The Humanist Assembly of Washington State, a not-for-profit corporation.


Introductory Meeting   -Free-

If you want to have a complimentary introductory meeting to see if we are a good fit you have several options.  We can meet at the office in the Lake City neighborhood of North Seattle.  Appointments are generally most available afternoons and evenings during the week.  Saturdays are usually possible depending on scheduled ceremonies.  The office is not available on Sundays.  Of course we can always chat by phone or Skype (on Sunday as well).  In addition, watch some videos of actual weddings.  You should always see the work of an officiant before choosing them.


Tie The Knot $100  

Pastor Dave will provide a personal, spiritual, warm, and powerful ceremony without religionYou may choose from Four Simple Ceremonies or choose the No Vows option.  Pastor Dave will meet you and your witnesses at his office in North Seattle.  The ceremony room is available at no additional charge.  Witnesses are available for an additional fee.  Here is an example of a wedding in the ceremony room.

Tie the Knot and Pick Your Spot  $200  (Plus Travel over 60 minutes)*
Pastor Dave will provide a personal, spiritual, warm, and powerful ceremony without religion. Have your wedding where and when you want it.  Sunrise, sunset, witching hour, or high noon, we are there for you.  Be it a park, a hotel ballroom, a restaurant, Snoqualmie Falls, or your back yard.  If we can legally perform a ceremony there, it is your day.
You may choose from Four Simple Ceremonies or choose the No Vows option. You can view photos and videos of several ceremonies here:

Our Complete Menu of Services

Please see our Packages page for discounts when you bundle services!

Custom Ceremony and Planning Meeting  $100
For couples who want more than the simple ceremonies of Tie the Knot, and who want some help putting their ceremony together.  Meet with Pastor Dave at his North Seattle office, on Skype, or through phone and email consultation to create and plan your ceremony.
  Mix and match from our many examples of secular (non-religious) vows, or write your own with our guidance and assistance.  Add in special events like a handfasting, sand ceremony or unity candle.  In addition we will go over your ceremony plans in detail, arranging who will stand where, the order in which the wedding party enters and leaves the ceremony space, how the ring exchange will take place, and many other details.

Tools to create your perfect ceremony.  Custom Ceremony Example.

Personalized Ceremony  $100
Meet with Pastor Dave at his North Seattle office or on Skype for personal content that tells your story. Talk about your lives, your love, adventures you have had, the meaning of your marriage with Pastor Dave.  Your love story will come to life for your guests adding vividness and validation to your wedding.  Your personal content that will be infused into your ceremony in a warm and fun way. Your guests will walk away knowing more about you, have a deeper understanding of your love for one another, and saying what a wonderful couple you are and how lucky you were to find each other.  This service can be used with either the basic Tie the Knot ceremonies or with the Custom Ceremony and Planning Meeting option. Here are some examples of statements that have been included in ceremonies:
Examples of Personalized Ceremonies

Full Rehearsal  $100  (Plus Travel over 60 minutes)*
When you want to be sure that everything will be perfect, nothing adds peace of mind like getting everyone together and running through the ceremony.  Pastor Dave will meet you at your rehearsal location and take all the time needed for you to be comfortable with your plans.  You will also receive our rehearsal checklist to help you keep track of your choices, know who should be standing where, and what should happen at each stage of your ceremony.

Receive all of the services listed above at a discounted rate with The Essential Wedding on our Packages page!

Cindy’s Simple Snapshots  $150 (Plus Travel over 60 min., round trip)*
Wedding photography can be a complex and sophisticated process with complex equipment, generation of proofs, expensive albums and packages; and a highly trained professional behind the camera.  That is not what we are offering.  Cindy is a competent family photographer using good consumer grade equipment (a digital SLR, not a “pinhole” camera) taking photos of your ceremony, and group shots before or after the ceremony.  You will receive all of the photos she takes by download through GoogleDrive.  They are always copyright free.  Here are some examples of weddings Cindy has photographed:
http://on.fb.me/1dIJQ7O   http://on.fb.me/1k8dMxB  http://on.fb.me/1hsyRjp

Amplification and Music for your Wedding  $100
Have a big crowd or an outside wedding but don't need a full DJ service?  We will bring a selection of lapel and handheld wireless microphones and a battery powered speaker so that everyone can hear.  No electricity needed for forest or beach venues.  In addition you may have your choice of music during the ceremony.  Everything from the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" to Aretha belting out "Freeway of Love"!   Whether you choose this service, your venue has amplification, or you have a DJ set up their equipment, you should consider amplification if you have more than 50 guests.  You really should have amplification if you have 100 guests or are in an area with background noise like passing airplanes or wave noise.  Pastor Dave does have a big booming voice and will always do his best to be sure everyone can hear whether or not there is amplification.

Internet Streaming of your Wedding  $100
Invite your friends from Australia or your bed-ridden Grandma to your wedding.  If they have access to the internet, they can see and hear your wedding,  All they have to do is sign up for a free account at Livestream.com and search for PastorDave.  Your wedding will be listed and they can watch it live or up to a month later.  You can also download it to keep it forever.  Here are examples:

Note - Outdoor weddings may be hard to hear if it is windy.  Some locations without strong cell coverage or wi-fi may have service disruptions and lose parts or all of your wedding recording.  This fee is for setting up the service and recording.  Due to the technologies involved we cannot guarantee results.

Flower Pickup Service  $50 (plus the cost of flowers)
Here from out of town?  Just too much to do on the big day?  Want to keep it simple?  Order your flowers from Safeway, and we will pick them up and bring them to the service. 


Witnesses for your Wedding 
$50 per witness  (Plus Travel)*
Washington State requires that two adults witness your ceremony.  If you are eloping or coming in from out of town you may not have anyone available who can stand as witnesses.  We can help with that. 

Hall Rental  Begins at $500 for a 2 hour ceremony.
The Seattle Mennonite Center has a beautiful sanctuary with very muted religious symbols.  It easily accommodates seating for 80 and a dining/reception area overlooking the sanctuary.  As a former single screen movie theater the acoustics are perfect.

Here is what is included for you with this service:

 * Use of the Sanctuary and dressing rooms.

 * Help with decorations that you bring.
 * Help you use the background music system in the hall

    (just bring your music player).
 * Coordinate with an outside caterer (if needed).
 * Clean up when at the end of the ceremony.

Optional services include:

 * Use of the kitchen and reception area.

 * Use of the kitchen and reception area.

 * Set up and tear down the chairs and/or tables.

The Seattle Mennonite Church is easy to find, and there is plenty of free parking.

(Note, we are not responsible for damages caused by the wedding party.)

Travel and/or Miscellaneous Fees
Do you want to pay an odd amount?  Perhaps we have discussed a custom service, or you wish to pay a travel fee.  You might feel Pastor Dave deserves a gratuity.  Just add as many of each amount as you need to total the amount you wish to pay.  If you prefer, we are always happy to send an invoice by email with the exact amount.  Just let us know.

Theme Weddings (no additional charge)
Have something a little different in mind?  It sounds like fun to us!  Science fiction fans, 'Hawks fans, members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, couples who love Steampunk, Pastor Dave is there for you.  Costuming or makeup requests will be considered.


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