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Options for your Theme Wedding

Getting married is making a serious, life changing commitment.  It is also a joyous celebration and can reflect your hobbies, lifestyle and passions.  Pastor Dave supports that joy and will consider a wide variety of dress or even costume requests.  Here are a few examples.


A Little Fun from a Seahawks Themed Wedding

As the officiant referee for this wedding, I will be asking if anyone objects to this union, but before I do let’s lay out the official rules.  In the NFL, coaches are given a red flag called a challenge flag.  If they feel the refs made a bad call they can throw the challenge flag.  The referees will review the play and determine if the refs had it right. At this wedding, anyone may throw the challenge flag if they believe that this will be an invalid union.  I will review the challenge and overturn the ceremony if I feel this marriage is a bad call.  And of course I will be completely impartial.  Just like Pittsburgh Refs.  But if I do not overturn the marriage and the challenge fails, the challenger shall be ejected from the wedding for unromanticlike conduct.  Clear?  Alrightee then.  If any person can show just cause, why this couple may not lawfully be joined together, let them now throw the challenge flag, or else hereafter forever hold their peace. 

(Brother in-law throws challenge flag)


Is that a San Francisco fan, or should I say Santa Clara Forty-Whiners fan? What more could be expected but bitterness and jealousy. After further review, the marriage stands as called.  I'm not even going to bother to throw you out of the wedding.  Being a San Francisco fan is punishment enough.