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It can also occur almost anywhere but can also be held in a cemetery or mausoleum.  Because of weather considerations a Funeral may be a significantly shorter ceremony.  Some families choose to have a brief graveside Funeral shortly after the loved one has passed for the closest family and friends, then a Memorial Service at a later time for a wider group of guests.

You may choose a ceremony from a variety of sample Memorial Services available on this site, create your own ceremony or request that we use an entirely different ceremony.  The only restriction is that Pastor Dave does not typically use terms that would suggest the existence of supernatural concepts such as God, Heaven, or Reincarnation in his spoken remarks.  It is fine if a family member or other guest wishes to use such terms as a part of their personal statements. 

In any ceremony personal information you provide about the person who has passed is normally included.  We would like to at least have their date of birth, death, which of their close relatives preceded them in death, and who has survived them.  Basic information about their life, career, and spouse is also welcome.  As an optional service Pastor Dave offers a Message of Personal Validation with which he spends time with you to gain a greater understanding of your loved one's life and spirit to include more personal references and information in the ceremony.  Other services are available as well.

In order to help you understand, plan, or even create your Memorial Service we have written a planning guide. This ceremony planning guide can be used for either a Memorial Service or Funeral. 

You may wish to include a Reading as a part of your Memorial Service.  We have provided sample Readings you may wish to use or that may inspire you to select something else.  In accordance with our Humanist views, all of the selected readings are entirely non-religious.

From Pastor Dave and all of us at The Humanist Assembly of Washington State, we are sorry for your loss and will try to do the best we can to make this step of your journey as simple as possible. 


Memorial Service and Funeral ReadingsGuide for Planning Memorials

Pastor Dave and his team provide Memorial Services and Funerals.  From simple to very personalized ceremonies with a host of optional services available to you, including venues, flowers, music and photography, we try to make this difficult time as simple as possible.

In general a Memorial Service is a ceremony without the body or ashes present.  It can take place almost anywhere such as a funeral home, private residence, rented hall or room, etc, but generally not at a cemetery or mausoleum.  A Funeral is a ceremony with the body or ashes present. 

Memorial Services and Funerals

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