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Your Perfect Day!

Have your wedding the way you want it.  We offer a wide variety of options from which you may chose including customized and personalized ceremonies, rehearsals, photography, music, internet streaming, hall rental, and packages that provide substantial savings.

Simple services begin at $100.  Complete wedding packages including facility rental can be under $1,000.  From simple and small to the mega-wedding of your dreams our team is here for you!

With every ceremony you will receive:

    * Personal and professional attention and care.
    * Pastor Dave spiritually and eloquently leading your ceremony.

    * A truly secular ceremony with no mention of a deity.

    * As much time as you need for phone and email consultation.
    * Your choice of Pastor Dave's attire to fit your wedding's theme.  Click here for choices

    * Traditional, modern, themed, gender neutral, or personalized ceremonies.

    * Arrival 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

    * Coordination with your wedding planner, facility administrator, photographer,

       etc, as requested.
    * Optional services to complete your perfect day, build memories for a lifetime together,

       and keep your planning simple and complete including photography, music,

       amplification and internet streaming of your ceremony.

    * Post-ceremony paperwork, including the filing of your marriage license.



Optional Personalized Ceremony