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Special Additions for you Ceremony

Couples are encouraged to find creative ways to make their special day unique and memorable.  Here are a few ideas you might like to use, or even improve upon.

Handfasting - is an ancient marriage ceremony that is becoming more popular.  Rather than exchanging rings the couple or even whole family is symbolically bound together with ribbons or cords.

Wishing Stones - are a fun addition to a wedding, and make a great keepsake.  Small smooth stones are given to the guests, along with a sharpie or paint pen.  The guests then sign or write wishes on the stones.  Friends of the bride can be given different colored stones than friends of the groom, and the stones mixed during the ceremony to symbolize the joining of the two circles of friends and family.

Unity Candle - A beautiful addition to your ceremony.  Each spouse takes a thin candle called a tapir, and together you light a large single candle  Your individual flames join to become your new family flame.  Unity candle sets are available and make a great keepsake after your ceremony.

Signing of the Register - At most weddings guests are encouraged to sign a book providing a list of attendees for the couple.  Alternatively, as the ceremony is completed the officiant can invite the attendees to come up and sign the register.  As each person signs they say "I witness your joining, and wish you joy."

Sand Ceremony - Bring a touch of color and elegance to your ceremony as you and your spouse pour colored sand into an ever mingled blend of life, love, and earth.  If you already have children, their colors can add to yours.


Partner1 and Partner2 Will now exchange very special gifts.  They are books that have been chosen for their wedding day.  These are books that truly represent their thoughts and feelings.  It may be a book that had a huge impact on their outlook on life when they were growing up.  It may be a recent book that they found to be a stunning revelation.  Or a book from any time that they read again and again.  If one of you is away and you are lonely, take down your gift and read from it and your beloved will be there with you.  If you feel lost or confused by something your partner has said or done, turn to this book for enlightenment and understanding, and to again feel the love of this moment.  So I ask each of you, what book have you gifted to the other, and why.


Book Exchange - Simply add this text to any ceremony for a special moment that shows your love for each other and your shared love of reading: