Spiritual Humanist Officiant


Tie the Knot


Pastor Dave

(425) 954-KNOT (5668)

Customize the look of your event by

choosing what you want Pastor Dave to wear.

Robe and Forest Stole

The most common choice.  It provides a feeling of solemnity and tradition in a non-religious ceremony.


Black Suit

For completely secular and modern formal ceremonies.

Steampunk? Zombie Apocalypse? Luau?

Have something a little different in mind?  No problem.  If you have some special look or feel you want for your event - dress shirt and tie, polo shirt, medieval garb, or pretty much anything but a speedo, just ask!

Blue Blazer

A less formal choice for relaxed events.


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Robe and Star Stole        Robe and Planetary Stole           Plain Robe


Add a touch of Spirituality by adding a Stole to the Suit

Suit and Forest               Suit and Star              Suit and Planetary